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Use HOVER and Improve Estimating Accuracy

Use HOVER and Improve Estimating Accuracy

HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any home into an accurate, interactive 3D model HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model, giving homeowners the power to unlock the true potential of their largest economic asset. Thousands of exterior contractors are using HOVER to save time and money on every project, establish instant … Continue reading

Why Your Clients Need Recessed Lighting

Guest Blog from The Home Depot Although it may be a standard project for contractors and remodelers, installing recessed lighting can be a challenge for clients who may desire this modern look but lack the time or handy skill to make the switch. Lighting can change the atmosphere of the space and highlight positive elements … Continue reading

Stop, Drop & Roll: Fire Safety Must-Haves for Remodelers

By Julia Buerger, Electrical Merchant, The Home Depot A fire ranks among a homeowner’s worst fears. Presenting protective measures at the start of remodeling planning can build confidence with customers and demonstrate your interest in their needs and safety. With October’s Fire Prevention Month observance underway, there is no better time to catch up on … Continue reading

Five Trendy Decking Upgrades to Try This Summer

By:  Geoff Case, Merchant, Pressure-Treated Lumber and Decking, The Home Depot With outdoor living spaces becoming more popular, it’s time to tackle new projects to upgrade patios and decks this season. Not only can an outdoor living space provide a great return on investment for clients, it can also serve as a valuable room for … Continue reading