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New NARI Certificants

NARI’s certification is synonymous of a dedicated professional and industry leader. It takes commitment and hard work to achieve that next level of practice to distinguish yourself from your peers.  NARI is proud to congratulate 19 of our members for taking their passion for remodeling and elevating their careers. Learn more about how you can … Continue reading

Platinum Partner Provides Small-duct HVAC Solutions for Older Homes

NARI welcomes its newest Industry Partner, Unico, Inc., at the Platinum level to develop relationships with NARI members nationwide. Maker of small-duct heating and air conditioning systems, Unicos’ partnership with NARI will focus on collaborating with remodeling contractors who face challenges of adding central air in older homes, as well as options for home additions that would be … Continue reading

Remodeling conditions continue to show strong growth

NARI’s Business Pulse reports overwhelming sentiment is positive The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) third-quarter Remodeling Business Pulse (RBP) data of current and future remodeling business conditions indicated strong growth in the third quarter of 2014 with a rating of 6.41. Quarter-over-quarter increases are evident in all sub-components measuring remodeling activity. This is … Continue reading

Do I have to pay overtime?

Many employers believe that simply by paying their employees a salary they are relieved from overtime obligations. To the contrary, there are several factors that determine whether an employee is exempt from overtime pay. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, an exempt employee must meet the salary basis test and the primary job duties test. … Continue reading

How I built my business: Ramsey Builders

by Jeff Ramsey The seeds of owning my own business were started when I was in kindergarten, sweeping up at my dad’s local auto shop. My dad was a good businessman and mechanic—he owned three shops. I learned a lot from him about running a business. After high school, I went to St. John’s College … Continue reading

Responding to negative comments on social media

Social media allows anyone to have a voice and become a major influence in the community. Any customer who walks through your door or gets a bid from you could have hundreds or even thousands of followers in your area—or—his/her friends might. Word-of-mouth marketing can reach a worldwide audience through social media; thus, one bad … Continue reading