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Slower Growth Seen By Remodelers

by Fred Miller Conducted in late September, the third-quarter 2015 NARI Remodeling Business Pulse (RBP) data of current and future remodeling business conditions found a softening of the growth rates in the industry. On a 1–9 scale, the average rating was a 6.03 (above 5 indicates growth). This was a statistically decline versus the 6.48 recorded … Continue reading

How an Employee Handbook Can Save You Time

Posted with permission from our partners at FCA Work Vehicles US. To read more useful articles like this one, please visit their blog at blog.fcaworkvehiclesus.com. You know how to do your work and what you expect of your employees. But do they know what you expect of them? Have you communicated it to them clearly? If … Continue reading

The Goldilocks Rule of Sales

by Robb Best, CKD The idea of a life in sales can have a greasy connotation, summoning the mental image of a slick insurance or car salesman pitching you some policy or vehicle that is a catastrophe away from leaving you both figuratively and literally stranded on the highway. For that reason, many salespeople liken … Continue reading

Lead a Champion Sales Team

by Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP What’s the difference between a great business and a great idea for a business? The answer, in many ways, is sales. Having a great business concept is fine, but until you can actually make money off it—until you can convert people into paying customers—the concept alone doesn’t do you much … Continue reading

Remodelers Play a Critical Role in Driving Energy Savings

Press release from NARI’s Marketing & Communications Department Research clearly shows that U.S. homeowners want energy savings, but without help from professional remodelers, few projects would actually happen. This is based on the January 2015 Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) Sentiment Tracking Study and from a recent survey conducted by the National Association of the … Continue reading

A Successful Website Needs a Blueprint

by Lorraine Hart If you aren’t completely happy with the way your current website looks, or if it is not helping you to get more business, it may be time for a website redesign. People go through an evolution of websites similar to the way their living spaces evolve. The starter house that was adequate … Continue reading