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Levco Builders offers locally based financing options

Clients often get sticker shock at the costs associated with remodeling their homes and don’t have the funds to complete the job. “People get the idea to remodel before they think about what things might cost,” says Joe Levitch, CR, UDCP, owner of Levco Builders in Boise, Idaho. “They oftentimes are startled by the cost … Continue reading

How do you Houzz?

From the Tuffin’ It Out archive (Though this article originally appeared in 2012, it remains relevant. In fact, Houzz will be presenting at NARI’s Spring Business Meeting March 27, 2014, in New Orleans, about how to effectively use the online platform. To register for this free event, visit the NARI Website.) is the latest … Continue reading

Give your clients a roadmap to guide them through process

Remodeling projects can be stressful undertakings for homeowners. “It’s hard for homeowners to grasp what’s next,” says Mina Fies, president and CEO of Synergy Design and Construction in Reston, Va. “There are so many moving parts and pieces, they have so many questions, and they don’t know where to start. They get so overwhelmed that … Continue reading