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Embracing Innovation through NARI Accreditation

Embracing Innovation through NARI Accreditation

Leo Lantz takes pride in being able to recognize new and innovative ideas to drive success for his business. Embracing innovation has allowed Lantz to grow his company, Leo Lantz Construction, Inc., headquartered in Glen Allen, VA, into a respected local design-build remodeling business which takes on 50 to 80 projects annually with an average … Continue reading

Refurbishing Service

Let Innovative Service Transform Your Business The lake house started its life as a one-room schoolhouse moved to waters edge as a fishing cabin on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  The septic system was a 50-gallon drum and a twelve-foot drain field (the length a small backhoe can reach)!  Over the years various owners … Continue reading

Lead a Champion Sales Team

by Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP What’s the difference between a great business and a great idea for a business? The answer, in many ways, is sales. Having a great business concept is fine, but until you can actually make money off it—until you can convert people into paying customers—the concept alone doesn’t do you much … Continue reading

Understanding the Basics of Content Marketing

By Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP If you spend any time at all reading marketing blogs, then you’re surely familiar with the term content marketing—but do you really know what it means, and all that it entails? Content marketing is sometimes described as selling without selling. The idea here is that content marketing represents a clean … Continue reading

Communication is the key to sales

No matter how great our products and services are, they won’t do any good if we can’t sell them. I’m sure we have all experienced the frustration of knowing that we could really help a potential customer, but still somehow couldn’t convince them to use our services. I often hear salespeople complaining that in spite … Continue reading