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IRS looks at 20 points to define worker status

The “20 Factor Test” is used by the IRS to evaluate workers to determine whether they are independent contractors or employees. These factors have been compressed into three general categories: behavioral control, financial control and relationship of the parties. As you look at these factors, you should be aware that the IRS does not look … Continue reading

How to ensure OSHA compliance

Story first appeared in The Remodelers Journal. Three employees were setting up scaffolding on the side of a building. One employee was on the scaffolding, while the other two were handling 10-foot railings and tow boards to build the structure. As the two men on the ground were getting more boards, the third on the … Continue reading

Q&A with OSHA

With a heightened focus on the remodeling industry, OSHA regulations are becoming an even larger concern for businesses as top management struggle to keep components in check at all times. So, in order to help you reduce your risk of OSHA violations, NARI went straight to the source—asking OSHA officials what contractors need to know. … Continue reading