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Refurbishing Service

Let Innovative Service Transform Your Business The lake house started its life as a one-room schoolhouse moved to waters edge as a fishing cabin on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  The septic system was a 50-gallon drum and a twelve-foot drain field (the length a small backhoe can reach)!  Over the years various owners … Continue reading

Certification Board – Annual Meeting Part Two

Part One of this post described the work the Certification Board did regarding the certification exams and standards. In addition to working on materials and standards, the Certification Board also spends some time to look forward, asking, “What does NARI need to do to make the programs better, available, and profitable?” Below are highlights from the … Continue reading

New NARI Certified Professionals Announced

A NARI certification identifies remodelers who go the extra step to develop the skills and knowledge that deliver on the promise of Remodeling Done Right. We would like to acknowledges the following members for their personal achievements, improved level of practice and role as a leader in our industry. Congratulations to the following members. Todd Albertelli, CLC Harth … Continue reading

Annual NARI Certification Board Meeting Success

NARI Certification Board Drives Quality and Professionalism The Certification Board met for its annual meeting at NARI Headquarters November 14 through 16.  Chris Keilty, CR called the meeting to order at 8:15 Monday morning.  According to Chris: “These meetings are critical to maintain our exam’s relevance to the remodeling industry”. Following the introductions meeting overview Dan … Continue reading