Earn Cash While Spending Money


NARI Membership Pays for Itself


Robi Kirsic, CKBR

We recently spent time with Robi Kirsic, CKBR, President of TimeLine Renovations Inc. to discuss benefits of joining NARI. Robi answered some of our questions about The Home Depot Pro Rewards program, which offers a 2% rebate once the minimum spend is reached.

Q: How long have you participated in The Home Depot Pro Rewards program?

A: I have been enrolled in The Home Depot Rebate Program since the beginning – more than three years ago. It’s an excellent tool for your business and I recommend it to all NARI members and anyone considering joining NARI.

Receiving the 2% rebate on all purchases is a great NARI membership benefit. The rebate program easily pays for my annual NARI membership.  Plus it puts hundreds of dollars in my pocket every year.

It’s a great program because you’re receiving a reward for purchases you’d make anyway. It’s found money.

Participating in The Home Depot Pro Rewards program is a great way to increase margin without extra effort. It’s a winning proposition for all remodelers.

It All Counts

Q: Are purchases limited to just supplies for building and remodeling?

A: No. Every purchase, whether it’s for personal or professional use, is eligible for the rebate; all materials and products from PVC pipe and power washers to patio furniture qualify. The Home Depot makes it easy to keep both your clients and family happy in one stop.

Save Time and Money with The Home Depot Pro Rewards Program

Q:  How does the Pro Rewards program save you time and money?

A: I no longer spend time looking for specific items – anything from fasteners to lumber. The Home Depot’s dedicated Pro Desk support staff makes finding and purchasing materials smooth and efficient, which saves me valuable time.

They’ll collect your order and place it in a designated professional area for fast pick up.

Q: What other benefits come with the Pro Rewards program?

A: Pros get a special paint / stain discount and there’s volume pricing on many products. Receiving volume discounts quickly adds up when combined with the savings on multiple jobs.

Another benefit is when your purchases are made through the Pro Rewards program, orders are individually logged and available for 2 years. They also offer free job site delivery.

NARI membership includes other terrific benefits such as:


  • NARI’s Consumer website, with 1,600+ searches for remodelers monthly
  • NARI University, on-demand webinars and access to one of eight certifications designed specifically for remodelers
  • NARI BuildingBucks™ a payment options program for your clients
  • NARI Business Liability Insurance

Interested in NARI membership? 

Join Today

Robi Kirsic, CKBR, serves as President-Elect on the NARI National Board of Directors. He has been a NARI member for eight years and is President of TimeLine Renovations Inc. 

Follow Robi @TimeLineRenovations. 

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