EM NARI on This Old House

EMNARI_YouthDay1Eastern Massachusetts NARI is a driving force in the Greater Boston area when it comes to educating high school students on the vast opportunities that existing in the skilled trades and the remodeling industry.

The second annual Youth Remodeling Career Day was held last October at the Bolton Fairgrounds. Hundreds of high school students attended and got hands on experience of core remodeling skills such as framing, plumbing and carpentry.

Kevin O’Connor from This Old House made a special visit. This Old House is a huge ThisOldHouseadvocate of the skilled trades. This season TOH embraces the next generation of remodelers and features apprentices in action learning what it takes to remodel a home.

While many students will enter a four-year degree program, it’s not for everyone. Skilled trades are the backbone of America and prosperity is available  to the next generation of remodelers.

Watch the Episode.

Remodeling is multi-faceted and includes many skilled workers in order to deliver a successful project. Skills needed include carpentry, framing, plumbing, electrical work, installation of cabinets, lighting, flooring and more. Organizations like NARI offer professional certifications as they continue to advance in their careers.

This Old House features their program, GenNext, and this season takes place in Newton, Massachusetts where apprentices work with TOH experts to learn the trades and be exposed to all of the opportunities that exist.

Eastern Massachusetts NARI’s program is a strong example of how to engage the future of remodeling. See details from their career day and watch This Old House’s visit to EM NARI’s Youth Remodeling Career Day.

About Eastern Massachusetts NARI

EM NARI is a non-profit membership association founded in 1989 and dedicated to educating, training and connecting remodeling industry professionals with the resources they need for business success. At EM NARI, we work to create value for our more than 200 local members, provide information and resources to our region’s homeowners, and inspire quality across the remodeling industry.

Consumers can learn more about EM NARI and our efforts to inspire the next generation of remodeling industry professionals at: http://emnari.org/members/workforce-development/

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