2017 National President’s Awards Announced

Every year the NARI National President has the opportunity to recognize key individuals who support him/her in their position. During the 2017 Spring House of Delegates meeting, H. Dale Contant, MCR, CRPM, UDCP, National President, 2016-2017 presented his awards.

Dale began the presentation by saying, “I am so proud of my team, about how business runs so smoothly when I’m traveling for NARI. I could not have possibly volunteered my time with NARI and run a business all these years without the assistance and loyalty of my team members.”

2017 President’s Award Winner: Vicki Wadsworth

Vicki Wadsworth, Atlanta Design Build

The first 2017 National President’s Award is presented to Vicki Wadsworth. Vicki is the voice, the gateway of Atlanta Design & Build. She is a picture of professionalism. She enjoys interacting with clients, and has such a way with people, everyone loves her!

She came to work with us as a part time bookkeeper 14 years ago, but because of her extensive background in marketing, management, and sales, her job description grew over the years to Director of Administration.

Vicki has been instrumental in formalizing Atlanta Design &Build’s processes, which made the company that much more professional. During the lean years this team member served as Dale’s sole administrative support, his right arm.

Today, Vicki serves as Dale’s assistant, provides scheduling, pre-sales calls, supports marketing and media requests, Human Resources and so much more. Vicki has supported Dale in writing NARI letters and speeches. She is a great editor!

There is no other person in this world that Dales feels has assisted him more in obtaining his goals with NARI and he would be completely lost without her service. Congratulations, Vicki for this much deserved award.

2017 President’s Award Winner Jesse Morado, CR

Jesse Morado, CR, NARI Atlanta

The second recipient of the 2017 National President’s Award is presented to Jesse Morado, CR, NARI Atlanta Chapter Executive.

Jesse has been a NARI member since 1994! Since Dale’s early days with NARI, Jesse has been an inspiration and continues to serve this organization.

Whenever Dale and Jesse are together they talk about NARI business. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience, wisdom and an OPINION for everything from his years of serving on the Education / Certification, Membership, Marketing & Communications, and Strategic Planning Committees. He knows this industry inside and out. Jesse is a man of integrity. He’s been a valued resource for Dale’s questions, a great sounding board. His opinion is critical.

Jesse has always aspired to see NARI grow to be the single source for the professional remodeling contractor. Dale said, “I believe he would bleed NARI blue!” Dale and Jesse know each other as  “a brother from another mother,” and Dale considers Jesse not only as his NARI mentor but as a very close friend as well.  Congratulations to Jesse Morado for receiving the 2017 President’s Award!

2017 President’s Award – Robi Kirsic, CKBR

Robi Kirsic, CKBR

Robi Kirsic, CKBR is the third recipient of the 2017 President’s Award. Dale’s first impression of him was, “a little young isn’t he? Doesn’t look like a remodeler, more like a hipster!” But WOW, what Robi had to say sure was good and the more Dale got to know him and listened, his eyes opened wide to Robi’s experience, maturity and the wisdom beyond his years.

Watching Robi grow, both professionally and personally these past few years, has helped Dale become a better leader. Dale has become more accepting of the next generation, who will be defining the future of the remodeling industry.

This “whipper snapper” looks to inspire youth to join the remodeling industry, and to show them that this is a viable career to support their families. He has a unique ability to communicate well, to listen when it’s important and is a real problem solver.  He is a man of solid integrity, and has a passion for doing the right thing.

Robi has supported Dale during the past year with solid, gut instincts and has given him unadulterated and valuable feedback. Dale finished with, “I trust him personally and professionally as an officer, and I can assure you we are all in good hands with this young man as our leader.”

Congratulations Robi for your support and contribution as demonstrated with this President’s Award.

See the full list of the 2017 Achievement Award winners.

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