“Internet of Things” Influences Customer Expectations

Ready for the Speed of Change?

jeffery-searsI consider it a privilege to be with you in April when I provide a keynote at NARI’s 2017 Spring Business Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The conference theme is “Ideas That Move You.” Get ready to explore the future of residential remodeling and the consumer experience. We’ll start at the intersection of what the consumer expects and demands juxtaposed with best practices in our industry. Consumer expectations are changing at a rate that is faster than at any time in recent history.

That change is based on the rate in which the consumer is absorbing information as they prepare to make an informed buying decision. In short, the consumer is learning, absorbing information in a unilateral way through the I.O.T. (Internet of Things) and while valuable in its content the information is not complete and leaves a great deal to interpretation. That interpretation becomes their future expectation and therefore our responsibility to satisfy through the course of a project.

Prepare For the Future

How does our industry accept the inevitable change in expectation and build the processes and brand that attracts the buyer of our services in the future?

I will be sharing a different approach to the process of residential remodel as well as how to build a brand for the future that is based on “love and respect!”


About the Author

jsears_imageJeffery Sears is CEO of the Modernist Group, a consultancy that provides Cultural, Strategic, and Operational strategic guidance across a broad base of industry. Former CEO of PIRCH, Sears was named to the National Retail Federation 2015 LIST for Disruption.

“We empower our staff to do whatever it takes to bring joy to a customer, which virtually guarantees ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, because that’s often what it takes!”

Join us in Scottsdale and be inspired. Register.

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