NARI Remodeling Member Profile Survey Results – 2014

Results from the recently conducted NARI Remodeling Member Profile Survey have been analyzed and a new report has been created. This study was previously conducted in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

The goals of the survey included:

  • To provide an overview snapshot of NARI remodeling members

Pages from 2015 Member Profile Study-2Survey results indicate:

  • Average years in business: 20.6
  • 70% employ 1-10 people
  • 72% individually owned companies
  • 88% companies have original ownership
  • 75% are 25-54 years of age
  • 89% operate out of one location
  • 48% work 4-6 jobs at a time


  • To identify trends in the profile of the NARI remodeling members

Pages from 2015 Member Profile StudySurvey results indicate:

  • Fewer new businesses
  • In-house design of projects growing
  • Dedicated salespersons more common
  • Medical insurance is more common and larger firms are more likely to offer it
  • Major replacements projects and handyman services are being offered less
  • Project size is growing
  • More companies are increasing their prices
  • While still an issue, low quality competition undercutting prices is not as much of a problem as it used to be

  • To compare general remodelers in a recent HIRI study

2015 Member Profile Study 51Survey results indicate:

  • NARI members continue to be above the industry benchmark, in general
  • NARI members have:
    • Higher levels of sales
    • More productive (sales per employee)
  • Clearly NARI members are more efficient business operations. While not measured directly, this efficiency is likely to translate into better profitability.
  • The industry in general has many more new businesses (less than 5 years in the industry). NARI members have been in business on average 63% longer.

The survey, including all related charts and diagrams, is available here.

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