NARI congratulates newly certified members

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NARI members looking to further their professionalism—as well as to add another tool to their marketing arsenal—often get certified in one of NARI’s nine subject areas. These certifications measure your knowledge base, not your attendance at a class.

The names below successfully passed an exam given during the May 2014 testing dates. The next certification testing dates are Aug. 29 and 30, as well as Sept. 5 and 6.

Certified Remodeler (CR)

Vince Busby, CR, Distinctive Design/Build/Remodel LLC
Greater Charlotte

Lloyd Martindale, CR, CKBR, C & K Construction & Remodeling LLC
Greater Portland ORA/NARI

Ben Forshtay, CR, Residential Renewal
Non member

Eric Duckworth, CR, Coliseum Construction LLC
DelChester NARI

Nathan Wachtl, CR, UDCP, S. J. Janis Company Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Jerald Huddleston, CR, CKBR, Yucaipa Kitchen & Bath


Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS)

Jason Wright, CRS, Jason Wright Electric
Kansas City NARI

Dennis Dockter, CRS, Parkland Electric Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR)

Briana Benton, CKBR, Tri-Lite Builders
Greater Phoenix NARI

William Johnson, CR, CKBR, Design/Build Specialists
Paul Barkley, CR, CKBR, CRPM, Barkley Builders
North Bay NARI

Gordon Reese, CKBR, UDCP, Gordon Reese Construction
Diablo Valley NARI

P. Matt Lederer, CKBR, Mahogany Builders
Lana Galloway, CKBR, LaMantia Design & Construction Inc.
NARI of Greater Chicagoland

Kevin Barnes, CKBR, Barnes Building & Remodeling Inc.
Deborah Berger, CKBR, Maven Interior Design
Bradley Cashin, CKBR, New England Design
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Brian Siler, CKBR, Siler Home Improvement LLC
Ohio Valley NARI

John Meiners, CR, CKBR, DG Remodeling, Div. of David & Goliath Builders
Joseph Klein, CKBR, UDCP,  S. J. Janis Company Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Jacob Thompson, CKBR, Home Run Solutions

Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC)

William Monteith, CLC, NVS Kitchen & Bath Inc.

William (Bill) Hardiman, CLC, Old New England Restoration Inc.
Scott Doig, CLC, Morrison Remodeling and Repairs LLC
Sean Farnsworth, CLC, Custom Contracting Inc.
Ernest Kobacic, CLC, Regatta Construction
Craig Hanson, CLC, Regatta Construction
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Green Certified Professional (GCP)
Sean Moran, GCP, Atlas Moran Construction

James Hammel, CKBR, GCP, J.R. Hammel Construction Services LLC
NARI of Greater Dallas

Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM)
Rod Silvernale, CRPM, Tri-Lite Builders
Charlene Monette, CRPM, Homework Remodels
Greater Phoenix NARI

Mick Holt, CRPM, EBCON Corporation
Mark Macdonald, CRPM, Tracery Professional Builders
NARI of Silicon Valley

Robert Farrie, CRPM, CLC, Anthony Wilder Design/Build Inc.

Robert Simpson, CRPM, Hall Construction and Real Estate Services LLC
NARI Atlanta

Nathan Carlson, CRPM, Highmark Builders Inc.
John Rozek, CRPM, Custom Contracting LLC
James Hansel, CRPM, AMEK Custom Builders
NARI of Minnesota

Bruce McCullough, CRPM, ReTouch Design-Build-Renovate
Corey Brest, CRPM, ReTouch Design-Build-Renovate
Judy Transue, CRPM, CHC Creative Remodeling
Kansas City NARI

Avi Ribakovski, CRPM, ProSkill Construction
North Jersey NARI

Patrick Bentivegna, CR, CPRM, Benco Construction
Robert Didier, CRPM, Benco Construction
Olman Flores, CRPM, DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling LLC

Chris Yetman, CRPM, Cornerstone Construction & Remodeling Inc.
NARI of Central Ohio

Randy Seay, CKBR, CRPM, Bella Vista Company
NARI of Greater Dallas

Benjamin Nichols, CRPM, Waunakee Remodeling Inc.
NARI of Madison

Duston Sieglaff, CRPM, Renovators Ltd.
Dave Vorpagel, CRPM, Barenz Builders Inc.
Cory White, CRPM, CLC, S. J. Janis Company Inc.
Milwaukee NARI

Justin Kaufman, CRPM, Welhouse Construction Services LLC
Fox Valley NARI

Kristen Bufton, CRPM, Magnolia Waco Prop

Chris Melvin, CRPM, Cutting Edge
Greg Michon, CRPM, Cutting Edge
Curt Cutting, CRPM, Cutting Edge
Norm Buteau, CRPM, Cutting Edge
Ryan Cutting, CRPM, Cutting Edge


Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP)

Lauren Balestrieri, UDCP, L Marie Interior Design LLC
Kansas City NARI

Seth Freeman, CRPM, GCP, UDCP, Steve Rempe-General Contractor Inc.
North Bay NARI

Desmond Greaves, CRPM, GCP, UDCP, DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling LLC

Reis Calfayan, CR, CLC, UDCP, Calfyan Construction
Brian Drumm, UDCP, Drumm Design Remodel
Beth Farquharson, UDCP, BF Interior Design Studio
Norma Nicolo, UDCP, Green Door Interiors
Ronald Riker, CR, UDCP, R & M Construction
Derek Schroeder, CR, CKBR, UDCP, Rolf Schroeder General Contractors
Rolf Schroeder, CR, CKBR, UDCP, Rolf Schroeder General Contractors
NARI of Bucks-Mont

Stephanie Dickens, UDCP, Case Design
Mary J. Englert, CKBR,  UDCP, Case Design
Herman Johnson, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Ellen Linstead Whitmore, UDCP, Case Design
Stephen Scholl, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Colleen Shaut, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Amanda Stevenson, UDCP, Case Design
Valery Tessier, CR, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Melissa Grimes, UDCP, Case Design
Kwasi Hemeng, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Richard Rocco, CKBR, UDCP, Case Design
Micaela Deegan, UDCP, Case Design
David Vogt, CR, CKBR,  UDCP, Case Design

Stephanie Frees, UDCP, Plain and Posh
John Oetking, CR, UDCP, A Street Builders Inc.
Brad Ashman, UDCP, Chicago Renovation & Development Corp.
Dan Wangler, UDCP, Dan Wangler Builders
NARI of Greater Chicagoland

Paul Welhouse, CR, GCP, UDCP, Welhouse Construction Services LLC
Fox Valley NARI

Sara Lorenz, UDCP, T. Hurt Construction
Greater Omaha Remodelers-NARI

Alexi Bebezas, CKBR,  UDCP, Renovation and Design Company
Jodi Swartz, CKBR, UDCP, KitchenVisions LLC
NARI Eastern Massachusetts

Scott Brown, UDCP, S Brown Construction
Jeff Alworth, UDCP, Copper Creek
Blake Burr, CR, UDCP, Copper Creek

Danielle Kates, CKBR, UDCP, Design Intervention
Non member

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