Remodelers using client feedback to improve business

As part of NARI’s quarterly Remodeling Business Pulse survey, there are always additional questions on subjects the association wants to explore further. For the Q2 survey, NARI delved into client feedback and communication.

These findings and how remodelers can better manage their online reputations will be explored during the session “Lessons from the Trenches: How to Thrive in a Reputation Economy,” which will be led by GuildQuality at NARI2020: Future in Focus on Oct. 17.

Not surprisingly, companies that felt the presence of positive reviews help them to sell more work were also more apt to monitor their online reputation and provide content via social media.

client feedback

These questions were asked on a scale of 1 to 9, where 1 meant disagree completely, 5 meant neither agree nor disagree and 9 meant agree completely. Nearly 60% of respondents lean toward the agreement side when asked if their company has an effective system for collecting client feedback. On the next question, which asked whether the company actively used client feedback to improve business, 74% had a positive agreement.

improve business

The Internet, and especially social media, has forced remodelers to focus more on what is being said about their company than ever before, as well as provided them the opportunity to make almost real-time changes to respond to negative feedback. Sixty percent of respondents had a positive agreement with the statement: “Our company actively monitors its online reputation.”

However, that doesn’t often translate into a company using social media to engage with clients or potential clients. Only half of the remodelers ask agreed positively with the statement: “Our company regularly posts content and engages with clients via social media.”

client feedback

There is room for remodelers to use social media as a mechanism for engagement and feedback from its customer pool.—Nikki Golden

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