Introducing the NARI of Central PA chapter

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) is proud to announce an expansion of the organization with a new chapter, NARI of Central PA. This chapter will encompass the greater Harrisburg area. The new chapter addresses a need for a professional association focused solely on the growing remodeling market in the central and south central areas of the state.

The idea arose on a jobsite, according to Chapter President Joseph Sullenberger, president of Mid Penn Awnings & Tinting based in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

“A group of us were working on a jobsite, and the subject of remodeling came up—specifically, the lack of support and business networking opportunities for remodelers in our area,” he says. “It was decided that all of us needed to start a chapter with a focus on the remodeler business needs, which is unique from builders.”

Aligning with NARI became the obvious next step to filling the void, especially with a national increase in remodeling activity, based on NARI’s first-quarter Remodeling Business Pulse (RBP) research.

The chapter is looking forward to taking advantage of the resources and benefits NARI National provides such as education and certification programs, business/marketing tools, lobbying efforts, research, networking opportunities and of course, the NARI brand and reputation.

NARI past president Michael Hydeck, MCR, CKBR presents NARI Central PA chapter president Joseph Sullenberger with a new chapter charter at the first Meet & Mingle meeting on April 18, 2013.

NARI past president Michael Hydeck, MCR, CKBR presents NARI Central PA chapter president Joseph Sullenberger with a new chapter charter at the first Meet & Mingle meeting on April 18, 2013.

“We are grateful to have the credibility of a national association behind our chapter and our businesses,” Sullenberger says. “We will be working hard to raise awareness of the NARI brand in our local market by actively promoting membership to business colleagues and teaching homeowners about NARI and the Code of Ethics.”

The chapter also has plans to initiate study groups for the various NARI certification programs, with a goal for all chapter members to hold at least one certification. The chapter will hold dynamic monthly meetings that address important

topics such as lead safety and running a successful small business. Future plans include the development of a home show.

“There is a lot to look forward to, and those who are already involved are highly passionate about the chapter and are dedicated to advancing our industry locally,” Sullenberger says. “I think once business owners start to learn about NARI and see the chapter in action, they will feel the sense of community and professionalism that we bring, and hopefully, they, too, will want to be a part of NARI during these early stages of growth and development.”

Having attended the chapter’s first meeting held on Apr. 18, 2013, NARI Past President Michael Hydeck, MCR, CKBR was especially honored to meeting the leaders of the new chapter. “I am proud to welcome the NARI of Central PA chapter into the NARI family,” he says. “NARI is about professionalism and business integrity in remodeling, and I can tell you first-hand the group of business leaders who have banded together to form this chapter fit the NARI profile in every way.”

To learn more about the NARI of Central PA chapter and upcoming events, visit For membership information call (717) 932-1487 or email

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